Chōkaku Shōgaimono
Sweet Baby Bunny
The Bestest Bun


Chōkaku Shōgaimono

Cho - BunBon - Peaches - Princess - Bunny Princess

Baby Bunny

Appears to be 24


Bunny Thing


Member of the Usagi Yakuza - Family Business

Relationship Status:
Single - Leave Love

Sexual Preference:



Curvy and Athletic

Deaf - Lost hearing at 16.

Theme & Voice:


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- Ballistic-
Her hired protection. Cho trusts this one with her life. Why else would she have hired him as her guard?

- Lucian-
The sweetest little vampire. A mute, Cho and her sign back and forth all the time. Most likely going to be Cho's best friend.

- Antidote-
Cho's eldest brother. The only one within the family that has any sort of magick. Being the eldest and the youngest, Cho always goes to Anti when she needs help. And with the bunny being cursed at the moment. He's the only one who is able to suppress the sickness.

- Ryuuk-
Cho's second oldest brother. Cho and Ryuu have always gotten into trouble together. He usually will take her along for his missions, and still they do nothing but cause chaos together.

- Mav-
Cho still isn't sure what to think of Mav. She's a bit much for the bun, but she always seems to want to help the family so that's good.

Out of Character

This profile is made by Elle mainly for Alessandro Lupi but it's free for anyone to use.
For the love of god. Do not. I repeat. Do not try to fix her hearing with magick. It'll make her go into a seizure.
Do not try to create some telepathic link with her. Again, she will go into a seizure.
Cho gets annoyed with people who automatically know ASL, just saying.
Don't touch her fucking ears. She hates it. That's the fastest way to ruin any chances of befriending her.
Not interested in Anthros.
Smut is Unlikely.
Is PM Friendly.
Please have a profile with picture and stats.
Won't respond to default blue names.
Discord is earned.